Seminar Higher Topoi and Exodromy

Thursday 14-16, M 103 and on Zoom.

Date Speaker Topic
28.04.22 Denis-Charles Cisinski Comparing Weil cohomologies motivically
19.05.22 Alexander Schneider Serre’s homological characterization of regular local rings
02.06.22 Benedikt Preis Motivic universal local acyclicity over a DVR
09.06.22 Sebastian Wolf On dualizable sheaves of modules
07.07.22 Hoang Kim Nguyen ∞-Type Theory
14.07.22 Marco Volpe Verdier duality on conically smooth stratified spaces
21.07.22 Niklas Kipp T-prestability of Voevodsky's derived motives over a perfect field
28.07.22 Peter Haine tba