Joint Seminar TUM/UR: Condensed/Pyknotic Mathematics

D.-C. Cisinski and C. Scheimbauer

Thursday 10-12, video-conference

There are currently two projects dealing with the problem of considering algebraic objects together with suitable topologies, in order to extend homological/homotopical methods to such contexts: one by Dustin Clausen and Peter Scholze, and another one by Clark Barwick and Peter Haine. Both projects essentially speak of the same thing but have different aims.
In this seminar, we will follow Peter Scholze's Lecture notes on condensed mathematics with a few complements, such as the paper of Hoffmann and Spitzweck on Homological algebra with locally compact abelian groups.

Date Speaker Topic
07.05 Clark Barwick Condensed & Pyknotic Introduction (notes)
14.05 Claudia Scheimbauer Condensed Abelian Groups (notes)
28.05 Felix Schremmer Cohomology (slides)
04.06 Tashi Walde Interlude: Homological Algebra with locally compact abelian groups (notes)
18.06 Maria Yakerson Locally compact abelian groups (notes)
25.06 Marc Hoyois Solid abelian groups, part 1 (notes)
02.07 Denis Nardin Solid abelian groups, part 2 (notes)
09.07 Christian Dahlhausen Analytic rings (notes)
16.07 Toni Annala Solid A-modules (notes)
23.07 Lukas Brantner Globalization, part 1
30.07 Giorgi Vardosanidze Globalization, part 2 (notes)
30.07 Christian Dahlhausen Coherent duality (notes)